Conditioning Clay

Here I am....Well
...Here are my hands! 👐🏻
...hard at work in the studio this morning ✨💥

I know how much you all 💓 LOVE 💓 a behind the scenes sneaky peek 😉

And I love ❤️showing little bits of how I make my earrings. It’s not a FAST process, that’s for sure!

You can see the little packets of clay there on the shelf in the background. 💥 When you take the clay out of the pack, unfortunately they’re not ready to go! ☹️(Wouldn’t that be nice!)

Polymer clay needs ‘conditioning’ to soften it, remove any air that be trapped in it and to ensure the particles within the clay are adequately aligned before curing! ✨🌿

Personally, I condition using my hands 👐🏻 and my handy dandy pasta machine!! 😃